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Author affiliation

GOSUKE SUZUKIThe GPS is a nom de plume of the amateur times

* Won Fourteenth Mainichi 21st. Century(Essay) Award

Born 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Sophia University department of literature philosophy dept.

Worked for an advertising agency, fish market and a nursing home.
Suffered from a mental disease and hospitalized. After leaving the  hospital, stayed in  Canada for rehabilitation
and worked as a volunteer for half a year at a horseback riding club.
After return home, published "THE ANSWER" at own expense.  Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd printed a new edition of THE ANSWER in 2004
and it has reprinted immediately. Became a full-time writer after then.


Other works

"A suicide allied force"Kadokawa Publishing Co., Ltd. /2005
ġA filmization plan is in progress.

"The story of the man who has become a fatty"Kyuryudo /2006
ġ has made into a cartoon.

"Reunion"Yamaha pod casting drama /2006

"Can you answer the question Why do humans live?" Kawade Shobo Shinsha, Publisheres /2007

"Listen to the song of the daddy" (planned in 2008)


Synopsis of THE ANSWER by G.P.S.


ACT I ?  Love Letter from Canada.  GPS (general problem solver) explains to his fiance that he is mentally unbalanced, while depicting some of their life in Canada
and announcing his intention to write a book about his discovery of the answer for the worlds problems and return to Japan to check in to a mental hospital.

ACT II ? In Hazelwood.  GPS discusses his philosophical quest with a skeptical Canadian Indian guide, fasts to forget everything and start over in the forests of Canada

ACT III ?  A Letter to My Mentor.  GPS paints the history of philosophy as he sees it ?  in strong mythological colors ?
and recalls his own momentous philosophical discovery of the key to answering all problems in the origin of language
to the Sensei who was his junior high school teacher and inspired his search for understanding
by asking students to think about basic but usually ignored questions such as Why is it wrong to kill people?

ACT IV ? The Motherland.  Dropping everything he is doing in Japan, GPS heads for the Santa Fe Institute,
the mecca of Complex Systems. As his mental stability starts to slip, he follows the advice of Professor Hardy of MIT and heads to the wilds of Canada
to do a fast. Suffering from strong suicidal compulsions as a result, he returns to Japan
and commits himself to a mental hospital. Then, he returns to Canada for rehabilitation,  where he meets someone who will change his destiny.

EXPLANATION ? Postscript by Hatamaru Akiko, lecturer in social studies Bourbaki University
  The woman who read the first draft of what became ACT III of THE ANSWER gives readers an insight into the history of the book and character of the author.