sequel to "THE ANSWER"

It was May 2002 when the first edition of "THE ANSWER" in Japanese was published and at that time, I had resentment against academians and scholars since my theory had not been acknowledged in Japanese academic society. And now I must apologize for some offensive statement I have made in the book.

Now in November 2003, "THE ANSWER" is set to be republished by "Kadokawa Group", Japan's biggest mega-soft-publisher. And the "QAS", which is "comprehensive problem-solving system", which I advocated in the book is putting into the system of practical use on the computer-network at my work with great support of colleagues.

While some readers of "THE ANSWER" are enthusiastically supportive, I felt frustrated with criticisms such as "QAS is just an armchair theory" or "the world is not that simple". And now I finally get a chance to verify the hypothesis.

Back in November 1919, Einstein's "hypothesis", Relativity theory was proved by observational experiment and thereby the theory was acknowledged by the general public. And by the same token, being verified as a practical matter, my "Final Theory" which is based on the hypothesis of the origin of language could become widely accepted and even be expanded on a larger scale.

The "QAS" is now undergoing testing stage and it is unpredictable how it will work out in the long run. But it's definite that an important first step has been made.

The story of "THE ANSWER" still has a long way to go. Stay there!