What is the Universe? Time? Nothing? Self? Mind? Insanity? Philosophy? Truth?
How should we live and what should we do to live without any regrets?
Why is it wrong to kill people?
What should we do to end all war?
What would the ideal social system be?
How can we realize artificial intelligence with human cognitive/judgement ability?
How did apes evolve into humans?
How did the world begin and how will it end?
Is everything one or many?
How can time and space be unified?
Are Big Bang and Super String Theory correct?
Why does 1+1=2?
Why canft Achilles ever overtake the tortoise?
What is the real identity of the elementary particle?
Why does "pi" appear in places unrelated to the circumference of circles?
What was it that the authors of the Old Testament and Buddha saw?
What is absolutely correct?

This is the story of the love, tears and laughter of a man who (believes that he) has found the answer to all those questions.

"This is breathtaking undertaking in its scope. May this significant book be read and reread by many, especially young students who suffer nausea in old classrooms,"
---Minoru Hasegawa (Professor Emeritus in Computer Science Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada)

General Problem Solver

(as. Gosuke Paranoia Suzuki)